5 Things to Leave Santa on Christmas Eve Night

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On Christmas Eve, as we all know, Santa should be left a cup of milk, some cookies and some carrots for his reindeer.
But this year, we’re switching things up and showing you 5 alternatives for things to leave for Santa the night before Christmas.


A New Hat..

A great craft idea for the kids the night before Christmas. If you’re in a warmer climate, you could buy some blank bucket hats or caps and teach your children some sun safety tips while decorating the hats together. If you buy a red hat without any embellishments on it, you can stick cotton balls or white pom-poms around the brim to mimic Santa’s well-known red hat.


Reindeer Food..

It is true, reindeer do love carrots. If you’ve gotten to Christmas Eve and forgotten the vegetable, or you’re up for a bit of a change, why not leave out some alternative foods for the hungry reindeer? A fantastic idea (which my family have used for years,) is putting some glitter in with a bag of oats and letting your children scatter them on the driveway/yard before they go to bed. The kids will love knowing that the shiny glitter will get the reindeers’ attention and the oats will keep them happy while Santa delivers their presents! You can also leave out an apple or a bucket of water for the reindeer, it all depends on what works for you.

Thank You Letter..

This is one thing I did every year as a kid. On Christmas Eve, I would sit down and write a letter for Santa (and leave a pen out from Santa to reply with.) The topic of the letter is completely up to you. I wrote about what I was grateful for this year and a quick thank you for my gifts. It’s a good way to keep your kids busy the night before Christmas and to excite them even more to go to bed. You can find Christmas-themed paper at most cheap stores or supermarkets.


A Puzzle (to keep his mind sharp)..

I have to say, my young niece helped me write this list! She believes it’s very important for Santa to remain alert when he’s driving the sleigh and one way to keep your focus is to do a puzzle. Your children will be so excited in the morning to see that Santa has completed his puzzle and thanked them for caring. Online, you can find plenty of Christmas-themed puzzles!


A Hand-Made Gift..

One thing that any parent can agree on is.. there is nothing that makes you happier in the world than seeing your young one’s face light up with excitement. Making Santa a hand-made gift is a fantastic way for your kids to keep busy on Christmas Eve. You can also weave in a lesson if that’s what you’d like to do. One way is to make a nativity scene and teach your child the true meaning of Christmas while you make it. Making an ornament, regardless of what you make, will also show your child that giving gifts doesn’t have to cost much. Why not take them to a cheap store and buy what you need together and teach them about budgeting too? There is so much potential, I can’t write every idea on here!

All in all, there are so many creative ways to leave Santa something special on the night of Christmas Eve, you just have to think a little outside the box. Whatever you choose to leave him, I’m sure your little ones will love preparing for his arrival and be absolutely thrilled to see his response on Christmas Day!