Christmas Eve Gift Boxes for Kids

Celebrating With Family / Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

On Christmas Eve your kids will be bursting to open their presents already, so why not create this Christmas Eve gift box? Filled with new clothes and activities for the night, your kids will love this idea! My young niece helped me compile a list of things you can put into your Christmas Eve box to make your kids even more excited for Christmas day!

Inside your Gift Box, you could include:


The best feeling is slipping into comfy PJ’s and hopping into bed in anticipation for Santa’s arrival! Why not get your kids some Christmas themed PJ’s to wear, then if you get photos in the morning, they’re already ‘Christmassy’!


A new movie and a packet of Popcorn..

These two can set you up for a calm night after dinner. A feel-good family Christmas movie will set the mood for the day to come. Lots of channels may be playing Christmas carols as well.


A packet of cookie mix..

Santa is probably eager to get his hands on your cookies, so why not make it a family activity? Most supermarkets sell kits that include everything you need.


‘Letter to Santa’ paper

Your child will probably want to write a letter to Santa for when he arrives that night. You can buy themed paper, pencils, stickers and even an envelope for your child to personalise a letter to Santa with.


Your stocking to hang..

Maybe you’d like to wait until the night before Christmas to hang all of your stockings together. You could update your old stockings and give your kids a new one in their box.


New clothes for Christmas day..

A simple but thoughtful gift you can give to your kids the night before Christmas. If you give them a set of clothes for the next day, they’ll be more excited to get dressed in the morning. Think about looking for Christmas themed shirts that are ideal for your climate.


You can also buy a box that is Christmas themed, they can be found in most stores that have wrapping sections.
These boxes can be given to the kids anytime of the day, but I suggest giving it to them after dinner to encourage them to do the activities included.