Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Post-Christmas / Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

With a lot of gifts around Christmas time, they don’t come with the receipt. If you’re particularly brave and close to the gift-giver, you may want to ask them for the receipt – but be aware, most people are likely to get offended by the mere thought of you disliking or not wanting their gift!

Without the receipt, you’ll have to search for where they bought your gift. A lot of places won’t gift you a straight refund for the item if you’ve got no receipt but they may offer you a store credit or partial refund for the product. Regardless, it’s wise to check the store’s returns policy before you go in.

Sometimes, you may not be able to find the store, or the store’s returns policy is too strict. In this case, you can always try online selling sites like eBay, Letgo, Craigslist or Gumtree – just do your research first to make sure how much your present is really worth.

Another option is to re-gift it to someone else on another occasion. Heed my warning though – make sure you remember who gave you the gift in the first place, that could get pretty awkward!

The last option I can possibly suggest is to generously donate the gift to your local thrift store or charity. Most charities are willing to take items, especially after Christmas. Be sure to check if your item is prohibited before you donate!

Whichever option you choose all depends on what works for you in your circumstances, just be sure not to offend anyone!