Finding Gifts for the Person who has Everything

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Within every family, there is always one person who has already got everything they seem to want.

Personally, I prepare for Christmas months in advance (I basically start on December 26!) by writing in a notebook or on my phone what people say they like during the year. One very easy way to do this is to go to the shops with that particular person and carefully listen to what they say about particular products. If they mention they like something in general, like a type of flower or an artist, note that down too. If it’s a little trickier, like a secret Santa or someone you don’t know too well, try to be really observant every time you see them and if you’re really stuck, ask around. My family do secret Santa every year and my parents are our go-to hint-givers!

If you are well and truly stuck, why not revert back to basics – the necessities! Everyone eats and drinks so why not buy a personalised piece of crockery?! One of the best gifts I’ve ever given was a personalised spoon, which was used immediately after being unwrapped. You don’t have to know their food preferences or dietary requirements to buy a food/drink-related gift. I would steer clear of any bathroom-related products like a loofah or shampoo – they might get the wrong idea!

Below are a few simple questions to ask yourself if you’re truly stuck

Do I know any of their favourites?

Favourite brand? Store? Why not get a gift card instead? If you know their favourite colour, you can make a colour-themed gift! Try hard to understand who you’re giving this gift to.


Do I know how to correctly spell their name?

Personalised gifts are always a fantastic way to show you care, but if their name is spelt incorrectly, it will be a big bummer! With a unique name myself, I’ve had this happen many times! Double check before you go ahead!


Do they have kids?

If you’re buying for a mother or father of kids (young or old!) why not buy them a gift voucher for a spa or massage treatment? You could also buy them a voucher for a grocery store or a fuel voucher, something practical to help them out a little!

Hopefully this guide will help you out a little bit this Christmas. Let us know what creative gifts you’ve found for those people that have everything!